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susan amaral

founder | chief creative crafter at The Craft.ed Creative Studio | CEO Craft.ed Consulting

Susan Amaral believes that creativity lives in all of us and that making things connects people & communities. Susan has a background in fashion apparel buying and merchandise planning with a passion for crafting & creating things by hand. She is happiest when achieving a balance of her analytical/strategic skills and creativity. Susan is a member of Pepperlane Network and mentor for WIFI (women in footwear industry). Susan lives in Bedford, MA with her supportive husband & 2 children.

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fay senner

guest artist from

Fay Senner is an Astrologer who weaves intuitive insight into her work as an artist. She offers Natal Chart Readings and Workshops that show us how to become aware of certain core needs and behaviors through the lens of Astrology, by demonstrating how to see the Elements- Fire, Air, Earth and Water as essential qualities inherent within us, rather than descriptive words. Her workshops enhance personal growth, provide greater access to the creative process, and enrich one’s ability to comprehend their immediate life choices. She has created a line of zodiac cards and products that help foster this aim which you can find at

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jennifer wayne-bartlett

modern brush lettering guest artist

Jennifer is a reading specialist by day and a hand lettering aficionado by night. She was given a calligraphy pen by her grandfather when she was eleven years old and continued to dabble in lettering for the next fifteen years. In 2015, Jennifer took to Etsy to find someone to do custom gift tags in the new, modern calligraphy style. It dawned on her that this was something that she would enjoy doing again herself. Jennifer was immediately drawn to the soothing, meditative quality of modern calligraphy. Hundreds of pens and hours later, Jennifer has done custom lettering for a variety of celebratory events. Conducting lettering workshops allows her to merge her professional background in education with her delight in sharing hand lettering with others.

Jennifer has taken workshops with local calligrapher Liz Roessler and international artist, Molly Suber Thorpe, author of Modern Calligraphy and founder/core contributor of the online calligraphy repository

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jessica roche

guest artist from Liv Rose Jewelry

Jessica started designing handmade jewelry 3 years ago as an outlet for a busy home and work life. She took one class at a local craft store and was hooked. Jessica would stay up all night mixing beads and colors and learning the different techniques for beading and crimping and clasping. But ultimately for her it is about designing unique one-of-a-kind pieces that are universal. Whether its a chunky beaded necklace for a Bridal Party or Feather Earrings for a Brides Boho Wedding. Over the last 3 years, Jessica has had many trunk shows and pop up shops as well as running a successful Etsy shop and is excited to teach workshops at craft.ed studio.


stephanie ignazio

guest artist from

Stephanie is a mixed media artist & maker and will be leading our Nourishing your creative soul series. Her mission is to spread the love thru her art, to encourage others to live their joy, to reconnect with their inner child and to passionately live their dreams. Stephanie firmly believes that she is here in this world to help others find their sparkle, to uplift peoples’ spirits & help them remember how to connect to their creative selves.

With over 20 years of elementary art teaching experience, her style of instruction is all about exploration, intuition and taking chances. She loves teaching others how to play, have fun and create art with heart. Stephanie has been meditating and journaling for over 16 years and her daily spiritual practice keeps her grounded and able to create and teach from a genuine, authentic and loving place.

Stephanie is the author and designer of Mandala Mantras: 30 Inspirational Designs to Color and the owner of Hello beautiful soul. She currently resides in Acton, with her supportive husband, her two teenage girls and shih tzu named LuluBelle. You can learn more by visiting her at